Ventnor Arts Club: Art at the Bank

There’s an Art to banking, or rather it’s the Bank that’s now an arts center installed in Ventnor, where the old Nat West is now the domain of Stephen Izzat and the Ventnor Arts Club. They feature a range of cabaret artists, music, comedy and films. Patsie Gorman met the boss and also the days entertainers, ‘Wrath of Sages’ a progressive jazz combo who played a brief set for Ventnor TV.

Afternoon In Ventnor by Aaron Freeman

Ventnor on the Isle of Wight is a south facing resort with a micro climate owing to its position on the side of a cliff formation. With adjacent country walks and down lands, a fine beach, unique shops, nine pubs and eight churches it’s a great place to spend the afternoon or even longer!

Produced by Aaron Freeman for Ventnortv

Page To Stage With The Apollo Theatre Company

Louis follows Michael Arnell and the Apollo Theatre Company in the run up to their production of London Assurance, a six-act comedy by Dion Boucicault.

They make it look easy don’t they? See what goes on behind the scenes. We were invited to look at the whole process, from page to stage, at the Apollo Theatre in Newport Isle of Wight.

From Page to Stage produced by Louis Lawrence

Bramble Bank Cricket Match

Each summer at the lowest of the low spring tides in the middle of the Solent the Brambles Bank is exposed. This sand bank then hosts the annual cricket match between the Island Sailing Club and the Royal Southern Yacht Club. Stills from this event can be found at

Film and Edit by Jamie Williams.
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