Bramble Bank Cricket Match

Each summer at the lowest of the low spring tides in the middle of the Solent the Brambles Bank is exposed. This sand bank then hosts the annual cricket match between the Island Sailing Club and the Royal Southern Yacht Club. Stills from this event can be found at

Film and Edit by Jamie Williams.
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Sculptured Glass Art in the Making

For artist Paul Critchley, working with molten glass provides the perfect medium to express his love of art and sculpture.

Paul, the owner of Diamond Isle Sculptured Glass, which is based at Arreton Barns on the Isle of Wight enjoys making elaborate blown vases as well as small glass birds and animals. His ideas come from the local environment and his love of the island.

Film and edit by Brian Russell
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Seaview Wildlife Encounter

When we heard that Basil the goat was rather lonely and looking for a friend we thought that we might be in the ideal position to help with a lonely hearts film, but it wasn’t long before he was found a feisty little play mate.

Basil lives at Seaview Wildlife Encounter but he isn’t the main attraction. Watch the film and you will see some of our favourite animals, such as the wallabies and penguins – and the amazing thing is the interaction available at the park – visitors are encouraged to feed the animals.

The wallabies are incredibly tame and gentle, seeming to enjoy being petted and fussed over. They certainly didn’t mind young Alex getting in amongst them.
Seaview Wildlife Encounter has a more serious side – the conservation of rare species – so there are breeding programmes in place. The mirrors in the flamingo enclosure give the illusion of greater numbers which makes them feel more secure, and there are materials provided for nest building too.

Many of the babies can be spotted by their plumage and/or size. There is the rare albino wallaby, the greyish juvenile penguins and the brown flamingo chicks.

Check out Seaview Wildlife Encounters website for full details of all their wonderful animals.

Produced and directed by Luisa Hillard and Rez Collingwood.

Hopping mad at Ventnor Botanic Gardens


The world-famous Ventnor Botanic Gardens, visited last year by Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, have yet another claim to fame as the only site on the Isle of Wight to grow hops for Island brewers to make their famous Island Ales.

A dedicated group of volunteers spent a day (or two) picking the ripened hops as just one of the many tasks they carry out for the Botanic Gardens as part of their remit as ‘Friends of the Garden’.

New members are always welcome and the beautiful tropical gardens are open year round. So get down to see them!

 Check out what’s on at the gardens this year.

Filmed and edited by Louis Lawrence.

My day at Haylands Farm

Haylands Farm, on the outskirts of Ryde, Isle of Wight, is a facility allied to MENCAP which provides a practical working environment for Students with special needs. With a devoted team of professional and volunteer workers, up to 60 students are currently engaged in practical work with added social benefits on the site.
The farm engages students in farm activity and also provides a social environment to allow them to expand their personal capabilities. Farming activity includes horticulture, providing plants for local buyers and municipal authorities, plus animal products arising from pigs, goats and chickens. In addition they also have workshop facilities for practical joinery and provide an aluminium recycling service coping with the vast amount of waste drinks cans arising from many Island Music Festivals.

Filmed and produced by Louis Lawrence.

Railway Times

Once upon a time there was a fairly comprehensive railway network on the Isle of Wight linking all the main towns. It was originated by various private companies all of which where subsequently nationalised after WW2. Then came the brutal trimming of the network in the 1960’s and the Isle of Wight was not spared leaving just one route from Ryde to Shanklin using old London Transport stock.
A group of volunteer railway conservationists then stepped in and salvaged one locomotive from the wreck to create the Isle of Wight Steam Railway (with a number of other steam engine acquisitions) which now brings delight to Island visitors and enthusiasts alike and operates a service on part of the old railway system linking with the Island Line at Smallbrook Junction. The project is run by volunteers as a proper full-blown railway based at Havenstreet.

Filmed by steam railway enthusiast Steve Knapp for Ventnor TV.

Ventnor Sea Safari

Visitors and residents can get a seagull’s view of Ventnor and it’s unique cliff-side topography aboard the Ventnor-built Cheetah Marine Catamaran, Blue Safari. The trip goes out to St. Catherine’s Point, renowned as a wrecking coast and smugglers haunt, and pauses along the way to haul some lobster pots as Skipper Lucy Stevens explains the legal size regulations and allows a hands-on experience to trippers. Finally an exciting fast ride back to the Haven.

Filmed and produced by Louis Lawrence.

A Catamaran Trip around Ventnor’s famous shoreline.