Hopping mad at Ventnor Botanic Gardens


The world-famous Ventnor Botanic Gardens, visited last year by Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, have yet another claim to fame as the only site on the Isle of Wight to grow hops for Island brewers to make their famous Island Ales.

A dedicated group of volunteers spent a day (or two) picking the ripened hops as just one of the many tasks they carry out for the Botanic Gardens as part of their remit as ‘Friends of the Garden’.

New members are always welcome and the beautiful tropical gardens are open year round. So get down to see them!

 Check out what’s on at the gardens this year.

Filmed and edited by Louis Lawrence.

Ventnor’s Spring Hill Garden

Once there was a derelict garden area next to the central car park in Ventnor, but not any more, thanks to a group of volunteers who were also responsible for improvements to other areas of the car park. They got fed up with waiting for the local council to take action and did it themselves! Now there is a pleasant oasis of calm as a restful breathing space for visitors and residents alike.

Penny Betts, interviewed here, is a member of the volunteer group which also worked with the Ventnor Enhancement Fund in sponsoring the mosaic panels on the car park site, featured in this video.

Filmed and edited by Louis Lawrence.