Seaview Wildlife Encounter

When we heard that Basil the goat was rather lonely and looking for a friend we thought that we might be in the ideal position to help with a lonely hearts film, but it wasn’t long before he was found a feisty little play mate.

Basil lives at Seaview Wildlife Encounter but he isn’t the main attraction. Watch the film and you will see some of our favourite animals, such as the wallabies and penguins – and the amazing thing is the interaction available at the park – visitors are encouraged to feed the animals.

The wallabies are incredibly tame and gentle, seeming to enjoy being petted and fussed over. They certainly didn’t mind young Alex getting in amongst them.
Seaview Wildlife Encounter has a more serious side – the conservation of rare species – so there are breeding programmes in place. The mirrors in the flamingo enclosure give the illusion of greater numbers which makes them feel more secure, and there are materials provided for nest building too.

Many of the babies can be spotted by their plumage and/or size. There is the rare albino wallaby, the greyish juvenile penguins and the brown flamingo chicks.

Check out Seaview Wildlife Encounters website for full details of all their wonderful animals.

Produced and directed by Luisa Hillard and Rez Collingwood.