Ventnor Arts Club: Art at the Bank

There’s an Art to banking, or rather it’s the Bank that’s now an arts center installed in Ventnor, where the old Nat West is now the domain of Stephen Izzat and the Ventnor Arts Club. They feature a range of cabaret artists, music, comedy and films. Patsie Gorman met the boss and also the days entertainers, ‘Wrath of Sages’ a progressive jazz combo who played a brief set for Ventnor TV.

Ventnor Sea Safari

Visitors and residents can get a seagull’s view of Ventnor and it’s unique cliff-side topography aboard the Ventnor-built Cheetah Marine Catamaran, Blue Safari. The trip goes out to St. Catherine’s Point, renowned as a wrecking coast and smugglers haunt, and pauses along the way to haul some lobster pots as Skipper Lucy Stevens explains the legal size regulations and allows a hands-on experience to trippers. Finally an exciting fast ride back to the Haven.

Filmed and produced by Louis Lawrence.

A Catamaran Trip around Ventnor’s famous shoreline.